During the COVID-19 outbreak we are helping Australians stay healthy, strong and positive despite the unique times we find ourselves in.

We take your safety and ours seriously – all coaching sessions are conducted within the parameters of the latest Australian and Victorian Government COVID-19 guidelines.

Social distancing is always maintained, coaching sessions are conducted either online or outdoors (1 on 1 only), with all equipment sterilized with alcohol between each coaching session.

Health & Fitness Coaching


Zoom Group Fitness by Rossfit

Quickly we have seen that by taking away many ways we connect with other humans we don’t feel quite right. Zoom Group Fitness by Rossfit takes our 10+ years of group fitness instruction and brings it to the virtual world.

Imagine a group exercise environment, up to 10 people training together with the watchful eye of a sports scientist and strength & conditioning coach, a fun, challenging and effective workout and a way to build elite-level fitness…all without having to leave your home.

We offer live video call classes 6-days a week, no matter where you are located. All you need is an internet connection and some space to train. Classes on offer include bodyweight fitness, restorative yoga as well as yin yoga and resistance band strength classes coming soon! Contact us to find out more and sign up for your free trial week.

FREE TRIAL1 Week Unlimited Classes
Purchase 10-Pack$250 Once-off
Purchase Membership$44 per week

Zoom 1-on-1 Health & Performance Coaching

This service is designed to support those who are self-isolating or who prefer to avoid any face-to-face contact at this time. It is so important that we maintain great health, and through this service we are coaching many Australians using a holistic health and human movement approach that helps build sustainable vitality, longevity and optimal physicality.

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1 on 1 Health & Performance Coaching – Outdoor, Port Melbourne

We are working with clients in a 1 on 1 capacity in an outdoor environment, utilizing a large range of mobile fitness equipment that is sterilized thoroughly between each and every coaching session.

Personal training with a difference! Become fitter and gain more energy without risking injury or dangerous diet tactics. Our 1 on 1 coaching service is specifically tailored to your individual fitness needs and goals. A thorough assessment process and tailored coaching will provide you with the best possible support to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to qualify you for this premium service

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COVID-19 Community Support Service

Are you suffering from financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis and can’t afford the costs involved for this program? Contact us and we will see how we can help you out.

It feels good to help others
Would you like to sponsor someone suffering from financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis?
Contact us to find out how.

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Rossfit Delivers Real Results

Trust me – Ross is a keeper!

I’ve been training with Ross for over a year and I ALWAYS look forward to his training sessions. Ross is professional and passionate about what he does. I can tell because he takes the time to understand where I am with my fitness, and positively pushes me to train harder. At the same time if I’m not feeling 100% Ross will adapt training to suit my particular needs. He is very knowledgeable about fitness and healthy living which only adds to the benefits of training with Ross. He provides tips and information about fitness and the body which I just wouldn’t get elsewhere. After my sessions with Ross I can actually see and feel results. I have a lot of fun when training with Ross because he makes me feel welcomed and his friendly nature and sense of humour puts me at ease. I would totally recommend Ross as a fitness trainer. Once you find a good trainer, there’s really no turning back. Trust me – Ross is a keeper!


I never thought I would ever say that about exercise

Lost 3kg in one week, and after just three weeks of working with Rossfit she achieved a headache-free life for the first time in years. After a couple of months she was more in control of her health and vitality than every before – she had more energy, no more stomach bloating and was able to train harder because she felt better than ever

“I was so confused about what healthy eating was and was a slave to counting calories. Ross has taught me what healthy eating actually is and coupled with a focus on my fitness I feel better than I ever have. I get a real kick out of the improvements I see in myself each week and Ross keeps me motivated and excited about going to the gym. I never thought I would ever say that about exercise!”


I would highly recommend Ross

I first met Ross in December, 2015 and was immediately impressed with his manner and personalised approach to training. He undertook a series of postural assessments and in my case identified a number of imbalances which he has addressed in the design of my programme. His approach is definitely not ‘one workout fits all’!
Ross concentrates on the client he is working with, clearly explains every movement/exercise undertaken and even though he is extremely busy, Ross is very patient and doesn’t make a client feel rushed.
Ross is very serious about his own professional growth and development and regularly attends workshops & seminars to update his skills & learn the latest science, techniques & research.
I would highly recommend Ross to anyone looking for an extremely talented & caring Personal Trainer.


Getting that little bit of exercise back into my life is a blessing

“Ross helped me tailor a training routine that worked in my hectic lifestyle as a business woman and mother of 3 little kids. Thanks so much Ross, getting that little bit of exercise back into my life is a blessing.”

Vanessa Thomas

Choose Rossfit and you won’t regret it.

“I had low expectations when I started coaching sessions with Rossfit as I had never used a personal trainer before and assumed lots of things based on misguided preconceptions. I have been so impressed over the months that we have worked together and have taken many little nuggets from his training and teaching. These have all had a positive effect. I have finally turned the corner and managed to realise (with their help as the key) that my health is more than what is often perceived by non gym-goers; it’s not huge weights, excessive shouting and tunnel vision in training. It’s a holistic approach.

Rossfit’s approach has always been individualised, kind and holistic and his work is to be admired for its simplicity and honesty. I, who was a cynical health professional to start, saw great results and I continue to see benefit. Choose Rossfit and you won’t regret it.”

Dr. William Kinsella


I can’t recommend Ross and Rossfit highly enough

“At the end of last year I set myself the goal of running the Great Diving Trail – about 220km of trail running from Bendigo to Bunninyong. I’d set myself the goal, and then wondered how the hell I was going to do it!

I enlisted the support of Ross at Rossfit. He did an incredibly in depth, comprehensive health and fitness assessment with me, assessing all areas of health and wellbeing, and has identified the areas I need to work on, in order to stay fit during my training process, and during the run itself. He also helped me with a training plan, specific to me and my body. It’s AMAZING! Ross knew that I have a great aversion to gyms, and has designed my training plan – even the strengthening aspect – around stuff I can do outside, in a way that I enjoy.

After only 10 or so days of working with Ross’s plan, my body has changed – my niggly long term Achilles issue, for example, has greatly diminished. I feel I’m in great hands not only for this challenge, but also for a future in which I can stay as fit and healthy as possible, for as long as possible, allowing me to “do” life as I want to. I can’t recommend Ross and Rossfit highly enough.”

Sally Wilson

10/10 would recommend!

“If you’re looking for personalised training that will get you achieving goals, whether that’s recovering from injury, PBing your deadlift, or trekking to Everest base camp, Rossfit has got you covered! How do I know? They’ve gotten me through all this and more in 2018. Plus I’ve made memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

The time, energy, and thought they put into every client’s program is second to none. Stressed at work? Not sleeping well? Feeling great and ready to take on the world? Rossfit is going to adapt your training accordingly. 10/10 would recommend!”

Susie Fletcher

Set a goal and expect it to be exceeded.

“When I first found Ross, I had been through around 7-8 different professionals ranging from Personal Trainers to Myotherapies and chiropractors and even doctors to try to assess and find solutions for a horrendously tight and painful lower back. None of which gave me much answers or support or gave me long term workable solutions.

I knew on our first assessment session when Ross was buzzing around with the upmost concentration measuring angles of my spine and hips and writing things down that he knew what he was doing, but more so was driven by a strong passion for the work he was doing.

He has a very strong ongoing drive to better his service, not only is this shown in his work, but in his constant support both physically and mentally.

It goes without saying that my problem has been solved and my expectations exceeded.

If you choose to work with Rossfit, set a goal and expect it to be exceeded.”

McGregor Frame


Your Health & Movement Experts

Rossfit is a health & movement business based in Port Melbourne. Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced in sports performance, strength & conditioning, corrective exercise and holistic health practices. Our services include 1on1 health & movement coaching (like Personal Training, but with a difference), semi-private coaching and outdoor group exercise classes.


Ross De Vincentiis

Founder & Coach

Ross is the founder of Rossfit. He has a strong passion for health, fitness and optimizing human performance. As an educator and coach Ross has over 11 years experience in the health & fitness industry, with numerous qualifications through the CHEK Institute, FMA Strength & Conditioning, Guy Voyer, DO., and others. Ross loves the great outdoors and revels in challenging his body and mind in extreme conditions.

As a soldier in the Australian Army for over seven years deploying to East Timor and the Middle East, he certainly got a good dose of adversity. Ross works as a health & movement coach, presents and facilitates workshops, health retreats and corporate health initiatives, as well as leading groups on hikes and treks in Australia and abroad. In his spare time Ross loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing and mountain climbing.


Ruby Fraser

Movement Specialist & Coach

Ruby Fraser is an experienced movement specialist and a coach with Rossfit. With a Bachelor of Sports Science and studies with the CHEK Institute and FMA Strength & Conditioning, Ruby brings a wealth of knowledge to her work.

Her knowledge in human movement is beyond most. Ruby has a background in hockey and has guided groups on hiking and trekking expeditions in Australia and Nepal.



Book in for a comprehensive assessment with one of our coaches to start achieving your health and fitness goals today! Our assessment includes analysing your diet, lifestyle, posture, range of movement and training & injury history. From there, we will put together a carefully developed program to ensure your health, fitness and wellbeing success!

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Proven Aproach to Health & Movement Coaching

Using thorough assessment and diagnostic techniques we develop advanced programming methods in alignment with your goals. Our fully integrated coaching method covers mindset, lifestyle, nutrition and movement.

Highly Qualified Coaches

Our coaches are highly experienced with the following qualifications: Bachelor of Sports Science, CHEK Practitioner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach (FMA) qualified & Guy Voyer Myofascial stretching & ELDOA qualified.

Premium Service that Delivers Results

We deliver results that are second to none. You will experience better, longer lasting results and experience real meaningful change.


Ready to start reaching your goals?

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By working with Rossfit you receive a level of coaching, technical knowledge and experience that is world class. Because of this you gain better, longer lasting results and experience real, meaningful change in alignment with your health and fitness goals. And all of this happens in an environment that is fun, safe and challenging yet supportive.

You will feel empowered to be able to achieve more than you dreamed you could, and incredible happiness once you exceed your goals.