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Rossfit PT – Food & Movement Coaching

Here at Rossfit we strongly believe that unless training is FUN and CHALLENGING it won’t work – clients won’t enjoy themselves, and therefore won’t continue training. There are two main factors involved that will keep you motivated and on track for fitness success:

–          Type of training/coaching
–          The training environment

Type of training/coaching

The quality and delivery of the training and coaching that Rossfit offers is world class. Using NLP techniques (Neural Linguistic Programing), positive reinforcement, and through leading by example, we deliver training and support in a way that you will understand, assimilate quickly and enjoy.

The training environment

Have you ever tried to study in a busy café, or listen to a language audio tape while navigating busy city streets? The environment we’re surrounded by when learning AND when training is so important – if it’s conducive to a calm mind and an active body, then you will learn at a much higher level. I’ve seen this in myself, and in countless clients, friends and colleagues over the years. A sunny park, a wide-open beach, or in the comforts of your own home…this is where we will train. This is where you will achieve unbelievable results

Functional Fitness

No bicep curls – no isolation exercises – no infomercial abs machines

Instead Rossfit uses functional complex movement patterns designed to meet the skill level of the individual, while continually challenging the body – promoting the maximum healthy adaptation in the minimum time.

Functional fitness training is ideal for athletes, sportsmen and women, injury prevention and for older adults with the aim of staying active and mobile. The body is trained in a manner that replicates movements and stresses the body could be placed under during ‘day to day’ activities.

For people who play sport, their training program will be based around exercises that replicate movements performed in their sport. Correctly administered functional fitness training produces powerful results, greatly improving performance.

Food & Holistic Health

Holistic health is a diverse field of alternative medicine, where all aspects of the body and mind are accessed in order to regain/maintain optimal health. Ross has spent the last four years researching holistic health and is a qualified CHEK holistic lifestyle coach. Through personal and professional experience Ross has built a wealth of knowledge, which he now uses to coach his clients towards a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

What you put in your mouth 3+ times a day has a much bigger impact on your health than exercise. Great health starts with a positive mindset and smart food choices. Ross draws on years of experience and training in nutrition to help people find eating habits that are suited to their body type and goals.

Contact Rossfit now to find out more

Weight Loss

If you are carrying more weight than you would like to be, I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news first, right?…

Bad news: As most people know nowadays, losing weight is not about counting calories. Our bodies are unique and too complex for the answer to be as simple as reducing calories to lose weight. But don’t worry, here comes the good news…

Good news: The answer is still very simple – we’ve known it for thousands of years – our grandparents new it – and deep down all of us know it. Gaining and maintaining your ideal body weight is as simple (and sometimes as difficult) as returning to a clean healthy and active lifestyle – similar to that which the numerous generations before us lived.

Through addressing stress levels, eating habits, activity and hormone levels, sleep, digestion and metabolic typing, your weight management will be corrected whilst improving your overall health and vitality. This approach is very unique and vastly different from the numerous fad diets that you may have been exposed to.

To learn more about how Rossfit can help you reach your ideal weight, act now!

Building Muscle

Building a strong, muscly and balanced body requires smart training techniques, thoughtful program design, a strict eating plan, and a lifestyle that enables the body to repair and build. Rossfit provides a strict and regimented approach for the really dedicated individuals who want to see serious strength gains. Applying CHEK Institute and FMA Strength & Conditioning practises, as well as years of experience Ross has gained from training others and himself, you will receive the coaching you need to achieve the best possible results.

Contact Rossfit and let the serious training begin.


Fitness boxing is a fun and dynamic cardiovascular training method that delivers phenomenal results – be it weight loss, toning up, or just increasing general fitness. In your home, in a park, or your building gym – boxing is a great way to train many parts of your body in the one workout. Rossfit PT offers boxing in a one on one personal training environment, as well as in group classes.

Muay Thai

Now we are getting a bit more serious 😉 But don’t worry, we promise you wont leave a muay thai session with a black eye. Muay thai is the Thai style of kick boxing, incorporating fists, elbows, knees and feet as well as grappling. Integrating muay thai into PT sessions will greatly improve cardiovascular strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, agility, and coordination.

Don’t worry – there won’t sparring – only pad work.


A crucial part to ANY fitness program, stretching is a part of every Rossfit PT fitness session. In private classes you will be stretched by Ross, and in group classes you will be guided through a range of stretches. Rossfit also offers 1 hour stretch sessions, as well as 30 minute stretch sessions if booked immediately after a personal training session.

Contact Ross to find out more.

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