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Berry Banana Protein Smoothie

Berry Banana Protein Smoothie sml

I must say, I’m surprised that it took three blogs before dedicating one to smoothies. I love smoothies, and as you will see as you keep reading my blogs there are endless possibilities of how you can blend to make incredibly tasty and nutritious breakfasts (and snacks).

For over three years I travelled the world…and I had a blender in my backpack at all times. With a blender I could easily create delicious smoothies that gave me energy, satiated me for hours, and made the other backpackers feel stupid that they too didn’t travel with a blender. There are many reasons why a smoothie is a great meal or snack option – so many that I think a dot-point list is required:

  • Quick to make
  • Easy to clean up afterwards (unless you forget to put the lid on the blender)
  • Not expensive
  • Endless recipe possibilities
  • Easy to digest (it’s a liquid!)
  • Portable – put your smoothie in a stainless steel bottle with ice, and away you go!
  • Healthier than other ‘typical’ breakfast options
  • And the list goes on

There are a few factors to consider when making a good smoothie:

  • Food combining – avoid using dairy and fruit together in a smoothie – the digestive system requires different enzymes to break down these two types of food
  • Quality ingredients – use organic whenever possible, especially if using eggs or dairy products
  • Freshness and Ripeness – make sure the fruit and vegetables you use are fresh, and at the correct ripeness. For example, a banana is best eaten when yellow with some black spots on the skin
  • Drink within a couple of hours of making – sometimes longer depending on the ingredients used, but two hours is a good time to try stick to
  • Store/transport smoothies in lightproof bottles – food grade stainless steel is a great option
  • Invest in a high-speed blender. Look out for future blogs on which high-speed blenders I recommend
  • Macro-nutrient balance – make sure your smoothie contains carbs, protein and good fats, giving you a balanced and complete meal, and sufficient satiation until your next meal


To get us started, lets kick it off with a new favourite of mine – the Berry Banana Protein Smoothie. As you will see, all three macro-nutrients are present, as is a silky creamy consistency and incredible flavour. This smoothie is best made using a high-speed blender


Berry Banana Protein Smoothie

–       1 ripe banana

–       2 raw eggs (must be organic)

–       1 cup frozen berries (I used half blueberries, half raspberries)

–       1 heaped tsp goji berries

–       1 small handful activated almonds (from ActivEats or Loving Earth)

–       1 ½ tsp chia seeds

–       ½ tsp of 100% vanilla powder (from Loving Earth)

–       4 ice cubes

–       Splash of water

Blend for 45 seconds on high.



Nutritional Breakdown

629 Calories

25.3g Protein

76.8g Carbs

25.8g Fat

7mg Iron

241mg Calcium

174mg Magnesium

3.2mg Zinc


As with most of my smoothies recipes, it is organic, raw, grain-free, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, and preservative free – the way it should be!

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