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Nutrition is a huge part of the health and fitness picture, no matter what your goals are. Rossfit draws on years of research, training in nutrition and holistic health, and first hand experience working with a variety of clients, to bring to you professional and effective nutrition support.

Reaching your fitness goals relies a lot on your food eating habits. In order to help you reach your goals Rossfit provides tailored nutrition support to one on one personal training and holistic lifestyle clients, and on request to other clients.

Our approach to nutrition is holistic, proven, free from fad diets, and not only will it help you with your fitness goals, it will make you healthier and more vibrant. We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of our approach to nutrition that we will refund you 100% of your session fees if you have not seen positive results within 30 days of starting our nutrition program. However, be aware that our program is not for everyone – we only work with people who are 100% committed to improving their health – if 100% cooperation with the program is not maintained then we will recommend clients stop the program. Replacing bad nutrition habits with good ones takes hard work and commitment. We work with dedicated individuals who are willing to give it all to our approach in order to reach a level of health they thought wasn’t possible. Sports supplementation is not a requirement on Rossfit nutrition plans. You won’t be made to buy lots of pills and powders in order to achieve your fitness goals. Supplements can be used to assist those people with busy and time poor lifestyles to make sure they get all the nutrients they need, however, Rossfit puts a much greater emphasis on eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh organic and unprocessed real food.

If you don’t feel 100% – if you think you should have more energy – if you want to enjoy life and food more – then contact Ross to arrange a nutrition consultation.

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