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Performing the Perfect Push Up

Performing the Perfect Push Up

Come on! Don’t roll your eyes – the plain old simple push up is a fantastic way to build upper body strength while working your core muscles at the same time, and as you can see in the ‘Performing the Perfect Push Up’ video, there are so many ways to regress and progress a push Up and reduce/add difficulty depending on your fitness level.

A significant part of my job as a fitness coach is to re-train clients on how to perform movements correctly, which is keeping core control during the movement while maintaining good postural alignment through the spine, shoulders, hips, and legs.

Key points to remember when performing a push up

Maintain a straight spine:

  • Neutral hip position, with a natural curve in the lower back (not completely straight BUT definitely not over arching with your stomach hanging down)
  • Keep your head straight. Do this by looking at the ground between your hands. Don’t look up in front of you, and don’t look down at your feet. Both of these positions will place your upper spine (cervical vertebrae) under excess stress

Keep your shoulders back:

  • Do this by imagining you are trying to pinch your shoulder blades together. This will open up your chest and allow your chest muscles to be trained through their full range of movement
  • When this is done correctly, your upper back will look flat, rather than rounded

Activate your core:

  • Do this by sucking in your belly button. This simple action will engage your transverse abdominis – which is the muscle we are referring to when we talk about the ‘core’

Check out my video ‘Performing the Perfect Push Up’ below to see these points in action, as well as different push up variations.

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