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1-on-1 Coaching

We offer outdoor and gym based personal training sessions in Port Melbourne. As a 1 on 1 client of Ross you will receive high quality coaching as developed over 8 years in the industry, as well as complete support to help you reach your health and fitness dreams.

Outdoor personal training sessions are help at Edwards Park, Liardet Street Port Melbourne, Port Melbourne Beach and underneath the Graham Street bridge (next to the skate park). Sessions held in home gyms are also available depending on the location.

Indoor gym personal training sessions are conducted at Goodlife Health Club on Bay Street Port Melbourne. In order to train with Ross at Goodlife you must be a member of the club. Speak to Ross to arrange a consultation with the Goodlife team – I’ll look after you.

Contact Ross to get started today and take advantage of the $50 trial session special.

1-on-1 Coaching includes client-specific exercise sessions, custom-designed training program, nutrition support and ongoing guidance, motivation and support in helping you reach your health, fitness and lifestyle goals

Contact Ross to find out more.

Small Group Coaching

For groups of 2 – 5 people we offer small group coaching sessions. These sessions provide you with professional fitness coaching, support to help you reach your health and fitness goals, and all in an environment where your friends can encourage you. The coaching sessions are designed to the specific needs of the group, therefore if there are significant variations in fitness level and/or goals then Ross may advice 1 on 1 coaching sessions as an alternative to ensure each individual receives the necessary support.

Small group coaching with Rossfit is a cost effective way to train under the guidance of an experienced coach. Find a friend who has similar goals to you and make that first step to a healthier you today.

Group exercise (6+)

Contact Ross for more information on the group exercise packages available

Corporate Group Fitness Training

Why Group Exercise Training Could Fit With Your Business:

  • Helps reduce staff stress
  • Builds morale and team spirit
  • Helps improve the health of your team
  • Makes your business a more attractive place to work

Group Fitness Packages Include:

  • 50 min tailored fitness sessions in/near your workplace
  • Varied training – boxing, cardio, team building games, body weight exercises, core strength, weight loss
  • Instruction from a personal trainer with over 10 years fitness experience, including extensive group fitness and corporate group training
  • Proven training techniques used to improve fitness while providing a fun and safe group exercise solution for your staff
  • Morning, lunchtime and after work training times available

Contact Ross for more information on the corporate group fitness packages available

Food & Lifestyle Coaching

Personalised Nutrition Guidance Includes:

– 30/60 minute nutrition consultations, metabolic typing, nutrition and meal plans, weight loss plans, weight gain plans, plus tailored meals guide to help you eat according to your individual body type – so you can reach your health and fitness goals faster

For details of lifestyle coaching packages contact Ross.

Training Program Design

A training program should be tailored to your unique body and your health and fitness goals. If you require a personalised training program Ross will take into account your fitness ability, training availability, stress levels, injuries and goals in order to develop a program that is perfect for you. No matter if your goal is weight loss, strength development, muscle building or increased athletic performance, a tailored training program is crucial. To have a program created for you contact Ross.

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