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Nicole, 42 yrs

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Lost 3kg in one week, and after just three weeks of working with Rossfit PT she achieved a headache-free life for the first time in years. After a couple of months she was more in control of her health and vitality than every before – she had more energy, no more stomach bloating and was able to train harder because she felt better than ever

“I was so confused about what healthy eating was and was a slave to counting calories. Ross has taught me what healthy eating actually is and coupled with a focus on my fitness I feel better than I ever have. I get a real kick out of the improvements I see in myself each week and Ross keeps me motivated and excited about going to the gym. I never thought I would ever say that about exercise!”


Susie, 30 yrs

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Susie presented with hip and calf pain. Through a holistic approach to her training, Rossfit PT was able to improve Susie’s posture, rebalance weaknesses in her body and eliminate the pain she was in. Susie is a valued client and we continue to work with her to develop her strength, fitness and vitality.

“At the age of 30, I’d resigned myself to having hip pain for the rest of my life. Then I started training with Ross and 6 weeks later – pain free. I can’t tell you the difference he’s made to my every day life. He designs training tailored perfectly to your needs, whether you’re looking to overcome injury, get fit and strong, or learn new techniques. He pushes you to achieve things you never thought you could. I feel great after every session and that makes me actually look forward to training!”


Andy, 50 yrs

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Andy had been training for the last 20 years, after working with Rossfit PT for 12 months he had achieved a higher level of fitness and wellbeing than ever before. His awareness of eating habits, his body’s response to various foods, and his knowledge of his body and what he’s capable of was drastically improved. He is stronger, has less body fat, better digestion and feels fantastic


Paveena, 30 yrs

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“I’ve been training with Ross for over a year and I ALWAYS look forward to his training sessions. Ross is professional and passionate about what he does. I can tell because he takes the time to understand where I am with my fitness, and positively pushes me to train harder. At the same time if I’m not feeling 100% Ross will adapt training to suit my particular needs. He is very knowledgeable about fitness and healthy living which only adds to the benefits of training with Ross. He provides tips and information about fitness and the body which I just wouldn’t get elsewhere. After my sessions with Ross I can actually see and feel results. I have a lot of fun when training with Ross because he makes me feel welcomed and his friendly nature and sense of humour puts me at ease. I would totally recommend Ross as a fitness trainer. Once you find a good trainer, there’s really no turning back. Trust me – Ross is a keeper!”

Gina, 54 yrs

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“I first met Ross in December, 2015 and was immediately impressed with his manner and personalised approach to training. He undertook a series of postural assessments and in my case identified a number of imbalances which he has addressed in the design of my programme. His approach is definitely not ‘one workout fits all’!
Ross concentrates on the client he is working with, clearly explains every movement/exercise undertaken and even though he is extremely busy, Ross is very patient and doesn’t make a client feel rushed.
Ross is very serious about his own professional growth and development and regularly attends workshops & seminars to update his skills & learn the latest science, techniques & research.
I would highly recommend Ross to anyone looking for an extremely talented & caring Personal Trainer.”


James, 28 yrs

Goal: lose weight, get fit and feel better for wedding

After just two weeks James noticed significant changes in his body. By the wedding his waist had gone down 4 belt buckle sizes, his suits became to big for him, he was stronger, had more muscle, felt healthier and more alive, and got married feeling fitter and healthier than he had been in years


Bridget, 40 yrs

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“What I love about training with Ross is his amazing knowledge of the human body (esp when it comes to posture). He pushes me so I feel like I’m working but is always aware of my overall wellbeing and considers stress load and sleep. He runs great sessions where I feel completely guided.

I love that Ross knows just how hard to push me so that I get the most out of my sessions, and that he combines his passion for martial arts, functional training and cross fit to keep me on my toes. I’m fitter now than I’ve been in years and totally love his commitment to my health and fitness.”

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